“Virtual Love”

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Meeting someone online can have both its advantages and disadvantages. When an individual meets someone that they’re interested in, the two individuals might begin an online courtship towards one another by sending emails to each other. On the other hand, an online relationship can make a turn for the worst if both parties allow the relationship to continue any further if the connection between the two individuals is no longer going anywhere. In the article “Virtual Love”, Meghan Daum describes how a single email led her to fall in love with a man named Pete, whom she had only communicated with over emails and through the telephone. When the two finally meet and begin to spend quality time with each other, Daum begins to notice that there was no common ground between the two of them when they were together in person. The relationship that the two of them had shared and enjoyed was only visible through a computer screen and heard through a telephone. The online relationship that Meghan experiences with Pete is soon shattered when they meet person-to-person for the first time, and reality kicks in for both of them, leading them to discontinue their relationship in the end. One day, Meghan receives an unexpected email from a Continue...

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The majority of people in today's society are more concerned with how someone looks. As the courtship between Pete and Meghan evolved, so did Meghan's emotions, ultimately leading her to fall in love with Pete. As the emails came pouring forth, Pete's feelings towards Meghan were revealed with every incoming email that Meghan received. The 'old-fashioned' way of dating and meeting people is drastically being overcome by the wave of technology that encourages more and more people everyday that they will meet the 'right one' by the simple click of a mouse button. As Daum describes it, "the physical world had invaded our space(p259). As the two of them went out, she became extremely bored and towards the end of the night, all she wanted to do was "to hand him his coat, close the door behind him, and fight the ensuing emptiness by turning on the computer and taking comfort in PFSlider(258). As the two became more acquainted with each other, they began to use the telephone to communicate in other ways than by email. ... Our affair had died from natural causes rather than virtual ones(p260). When she sends a reply email back to him, they begin to communicate via email, which then develops into them communicating through the telephone. man who goes by the name "PFSlider. This is probably one of the most advantageous aspects of online dating. According to Daum, she admits, "the kindness pouring forth from my computer screen was bizarrely exhilarating(p255). There was no longer a valid reason to keep the two of them together any longer. After weeks of communicating with each other through emails, phone calls, and being in each other's company, the relationship drew to a close. When Meghan went down to LA to visit Pete, their relationship had already begun to go downhill.