black vs white

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Ting in life that we do not understand is that even though we are different on the outside we are the same on the inside, and even more to that point it is what is on the inside that counts more than anything else. For if there were nothing on the inside then we would be nothing. But yet still in the world we are living in, we are finding ourselves resulting back to the racism and slavery minds of our past generations of stupidity. How is it we p Continue...

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Look at the common black man living in america in the ghetto streets. Bullshit we feed eachother that lie to justify what we did and don't seem so proud of ourselves to admit, but do things ever change. rize England for settling in Australian and causing devastation to the Aboriginals, is it because they did them a favor, i mean after all it was white man's burden. of course the loss of innocence is a devastating consequence but where was the care when we did the same to them. We are always saying lets work together but how many of us are willing to actually put their money where there mouth is. Today the head of the most powerful nation america is George W BUsh and look what a leader he is, you can't tell me america didn't at least in part deserve what they got. He has only that education and yet we persucute them for not knowing better, while our government officals have enough money to play with and do with as they seem fit. Look at the native of coutries who have suffered so much loss, not just lives but culture belonging and right and then tell me if it wasn't inleast revenge for crimes done to them.


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