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Ender's Empathic Abilities Orson Scott Card's work of science fiction, Ender's Game, is the exciting and poignant tale of a genius, Ender Wiggin, whom the Government takes from home at an early age to mold into a military commander. From his turbulent childhood, to his days at the physically and psychologically taxing Battle School, to his conquest of the buggers and ultimate colonization of their world, the most essential and useful aspect of Ender's prodigious genius is his incredible empathic ability. From the portrayal of his early childhood in the novel's first chapters, it seems that Ender developed this empathic ability as both a physical and psychological defense against the many truculent characters in his life, such as his enemy in school, Stilson, and his older brother, Peter. The usefulness and necessity of Ender's empathy manifest themselves again at the battle school, where it helps Ender immeasurably to defeat his enemies, both in and out of the game room. Lastly, towards the novel's end, Ender's empathy takes on a much more universal significance when it first allows him to win the war for humanity against the buggers, and then at last is put to a more peaceful use, when Ender becomes a "speaker for the d Continue...

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his fights with Stilson and Bonzo), it is really no surprise that he was able to use it so effectively in combat situations later in life. The first time the reader encounters Ender, in fact, he is making a very perspicacious observation about the way adults lie to children. From the very beginning of the novel, Ender's extraordinary empathic abilities are quite conspicuous. " Ender goes on to defeat Bonzo, in large part because his empathic ability allowed him to always be one step ahead, again proving how integral it was to his life. Sometimes lies were more dependable than truth. It was astonishingly light, to hold all the hope and future of a great race within it. Ender, all the while believing his teachers that it is only a simulation, attacks and destroys the buggers' planet (and thus their queen, and thus all the buggers themselves), by hitting it with a "Dr. Blood from his nose spattered the ground nearby. You could probably beat me up pretty bad. But for that move to be effective required too much accuracy, and Bonzo expected it. Until the end of the novel, then, it unfortunately seems that would only have the chance to apply his empathic gift to winning fights, be they against a petty childhood bully, or a race of misunderstood aliens. However, in by far the most fulfilling part of the novel, Ender at last gets the chance to use his empathic abilities in a pleasant and peaceful way at the very end. From then on you'd be wondering when I'd get you, and how bad it would be. By the end of his stay, it has become clear that, of all his extraordinary abilities, his empathy is the most useful and necessary to his survival.