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Is It Ethical To Sell Human Body Parts? Imagine being diagnosed with the cancer of the liver, a progressive disease characterized by foreign bodies constantly reproducing and attacking the liver. Over 82,500 Americans will be diagnosed with a type of cancer that will affect an organ this year. Any form of this incurable disease has a tremendous impact on one’s life and career. There is no cure for cancer, or many other potentially fatal diseases, such as brain tumors and paralysis, but there is hope- organ and tissue donation. Organs are composed of billions of cells that have the potential to adapt to several different types of bodies, and each of them act as a building block of life (Earll 1). The question is: “Should it be legal to sell human body parts for a profit?” Yes, indeed it should be legal, not only would the sales be profitable, legalizing the sales of human body parts will ensure the recipient of a life-saving purchase. Why is it legal to sell our blood and plasma, and not our organs? Selling organs to needy patients is a brilliant way to give the “gift of life.” Many people feel that purchasing an organ is well worth the cost, the progress of this research is hindered by moral and ethical conc Continue...

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This specific issue raises much concern among many medical ethicists and some religious groups. Organ transplants may soon eliminate treating diseases of the liver, kidney, and heart. Most people feel the benefits of organ donation greatly outweigh its disadvantages. In a survey by Reuters, majority of people in the United States, Britain, Australia, and New Zealand said that couples that are organ donors should be able to choose which organs and tissues to sale and which organs and tissues to discard. Those against legalizing the sales argue that, even though the embryo is dead, the mother should not profit form the death of her stillborn child. Doctors are also inducing human tissue to become heart-muscle cells and then injecting them into a human heart. Stem cells hold the key to "regenerative medicine," or the repair or replacement of cells or organs that have been destroyed (Begley 3). This new research may lead to breakthrough tools to treat cardiac disease (Begley 4). There is no reason why a human that does not have a chance of survival, should not earn a profit for hisher family by selling hisher organs. Legalizing the sales of human organs will also allow us to better understand and evaluate the safety and efficiency of this procedure. The organs that are not donated for research are generally discarded. In addition to treatments and cures, scientists also believe tissue sales could lead to the use of cells to replace or restore failing organs and treat spinal cord injuries. This seems to be the most discussed ethical issue. Fortunately, the use of healthy, adult organs appears very accommodating in usefulness and quantity (Robinson 2). Through a transfusion, healthy tissue therapy could destroy the unhealthy immune-system tissues and provide an entire new set of immune cells (Begley 4).


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