Psychiatry vs Psychology

             There is a great need to understand the mental psyche of individuals, in this day and time. In the wake of war and suicide bombings, the public at large struggle to understand the thoughts of individuals that commit such act. Psychologist and Psychiatrist are the people who study the mental process and behaviors of such individuals. There are many similarities between the two disciplines. Both psychiatry and psychology come from the Greek word, Psyche, which means Soul. In modern society, the word, Psyche means mind, or use of the mind. They both provide the same type of treatment, by using verbal communication, in trying to figure out the problem. They ask the same questions, give the same suggestions. While there are similarities; there are also some differences between psychologist and psychiatrist. Three notable differences are education level, medical practices, and research practices.
             The level of education to obtain a degree in psychology and psychiatry are very different. Psychiatry requires a medical degree, and psychology does not. Becoming a psychologist is not easy though; students must go to a graduate school program to obtain a masters degree. Then continue in a post graduate doctorial program to secure a PhD in the discipline of choice.
             Medical practices in the two disciples are drastically different. Psychology is sometimes called "behavioral science", or "experiential evaluation". It is related to social science, and generally assumes that the individual's behavior is a reaction to an experience - real or perceived. Psychology use psychotherapy, behavioral therapy, and personality defect studies to help patients deal with mental issues. While Psychiatry is actually one of two related fields, the other being Neurology. It is related to the medical field more explicitly, and generally assumes that the chemical and physical

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