In 1998 the group TLC made the song waterfalls that cleared a lot of the minds of young people all across america. The song talked about a lot of the things that today's youth overpasses. in the song the group talks about three things that occur now a days. the song talks about drug dealing, sex, adn not going for something that is completely out of your reach.
             but all the praying just aint helping at all cause he cant seem to keep his self out of trouble so he goes out and he makes his money the best way he knows how another body layin cold in the gutter.
             this gives us a mental picture of a young man who has lost himself in drugs and as his mother prays and prays for her son she finds it gets her nowhere. her sons gets shot.
             little precious has a natural obsession for temptation but he just cant see it. she gives him lovin that his body cant handle but all he can say is baby its good to me . one day he goes and takes a glimpse in the mirror but he doesnt recognize his own face. his health is fading and he doesnt know why three letters took him to his final resting place.
             it is evident that the group is talking about a young man giving into sex and catching aids.

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