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Since the Internet networking environment was created in merely 9 years, internet users have increased sharply, and the new network civilization has settled in our life. The network civilization has made the internet business more complicated, organized in different kinds of areas. In other words, it is important for an Internet business to set fundamental factors. Many information technology(IT) companies basically needed the operating system(OS) to set up a network. Windows NT and Linux are the most famous OS software to administer network service. Microsoft invented the Windows NT series about 6 years ago, and business owners have preferred it for several reasons such as the extension of its application, compatibilities, and safety from viruses. Linux was invented by programmer Linus Trovalds. It has been provided free software against the monopoly of Widows NT. Because of its economic efficiency, experts have analyzed and compared several factors between Windows NT and Linux, even though both must be powerful Operating Systems. For managing a company, the most important factor is to decrease its budget. There are fundamental equipment to set up an IT environment, such as the networking server, print server, file server, web s Continue...

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Most IT owners still think that the largest TCO ratio workload is licensing software and purchasing hardware, which is about 9 in the overall TCO. John and Bob Cormier, "The Total Economic Impact of Developing and Deploying Applications on Microsoft and J2EELinux Platforms. Comparing the main cost of Windows NT and Linux in the networking workloads at the bottom Table II, the largest cost was for staffing, and we can know staffing is the high ratio of the networking workload: 71 of the staffing in the Windows platform and 62 of staffing cost in Linux platform(Bozman). This added complexity and interaction between applications could increase the risk of planned and unplanned downtime(Bozman 13). The hardware cost in Widows NT is higher cost than that of Linux, while the cost of staffing in Linux shows still higher cost than the Windows. com), September 4, 2003 http:download. 1), and it says the importance of the system safety and its maintenance. comdownloaddb8db8543a5-1e19-42e6-b0e3-d17ae2c2a9d2IDC20TCO20Paper. "Outsourcing costs (which incorporate installation at an outsourced location, upgrades, application development, collocation, and operations) showed a similar difference, accounting for 7. "Further, the study indicates that the competition between the Microsoft platform and J2EELinux is not a contest in which the winner takes all. Each of TCO factors shows which OS is more effective to set up or to upgrade. 22 less over a five-year period (Bozman 1).


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