World War Two Weapons

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My report is on the Weapons of World War Two. There are many weapons in world war 2 but im going to go over just a few of the weapons that made the greatest effect on the oppositions. Here are a few weapons that the allies had that made the greatest affect against the opposition. The T-34 was by far the best tank design in world war 2. In addition to having an excellent combination of firepower, armor, mobility, its superb design, which made it very simle and durability. This made it possible to mass produce it in enormous numbers, and gave it very high field and combat reliability, two critical attributes which the advanced german tanks lacked. It was the main war winning weapon of Russia in world war 2.( As a result of the need for an all-purpose main battle tank, the T-34 was developed as a medium tank descendant of those fast light tanks, but designed to be a capable main battle tank. The T-34 was lower in height than german and american tanks, which was better in using the terrain for taking cover and make it a smaller target to hit. It had sloped armor in both the front and side hull and the turret, which made it harder to penetrate, and of course it had a powerful 76mm gun, which wa Continue...

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Built with the concept that a day bomber should be able to self-protect from enemy fighters, the common B-17G model had 8 gun positions with 13 heavy machine guns, arranged to cover all directions. The rapid german advancement deep into Russia as far as Moscow forced the russian industry which already lost countless factories to literally move its entire remaining military industry factories over 1000 miles further east to Siberia to avoid losing it to the advancing germans. The others were to fight the great majority of the more than 40,000 Sherman tanks produced and one remember that the sky above the battlefields were then dominated by swarms of allied fighter bombers such as the american Thunderbolt and the british Typhoon which excelled in hunting german tanks and kept doing it whenever the sky were clear enough to fly. (ww2 chronicles) B-29 Super Fortress big 4-engine very long range heavy bomber designed to reach Japan from pacific island bases. When the US entered world war 2 it did not have a modern tank even the latest existing designs were obsolete compared to the modern german tanks. ( It means the Sherman could not hide as well as other tanks which is likely what its crews wanted to do when german Tigers were nearby. It had a crew of four, it had a good speed of 55kmh (34mph) and a range of 115 miles. In addition to its 75mm or 76mm main gun it had a typical setting of three machine guns one in front one parallel to the main gun, and an anti-aircraft heavy machine gun on top. com) The M4 Sherman tank was a winner by numbers, not by quality. It bombed Japan since june 1944, initially with high altitude day missions, but since the strong winds greatly reduced precision, a new tactic was adopted in which the guns were removed and the bombers flew night missions at low altitude and higher speed, and destroyed Japan's cities one by one with massive attacks which created huge fire storms. The M4 Sherman had several problems especially when compared to the german tanks. orgworldwarweapons) After the initial tremendous defeats in 1941 which cost Russia millions of soldiers and a huge lost territory, since mid 1942 the russian army was equipped with rapidly increasing amounts of T-34 tanks which matched the german tanks and increasingly outnumbered them. After world war 2 Shermans served in various armies worldwide and even fought in tank battles as late as 1973.


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