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In China, Cuba, Laos, North, Korea, and Vietnam is still a communism system. So many other countries use to have a none-capitalism owner-ship structure; countries like GDR (German Democratic Republic), USSR (Union of a Socialistic Soviet Republic) and other countries, in which system fall in a process between the 1980’s and 1990’s. The theories of social structure and its fall were philosophized by Marx. He also wrote the concepts of the communism system. Carl Heinrich Marx was born on Mai 5th,1818 in Pressburg. He was one of three children. He attended the High School in Bonn (Germany) and Berlin and studied philosophy at the university of Jena. In 1841 Marx and Friedrich Engels became the “Feuerbachianer”. They were restudying the work and theories from Ludwid Feuerbach. Feuerbach expressed the relationship between nature and religion. Marx and Engels disagreed with many of those theories and Marx described his own believes about this particular issue. In his explanation was a part included which involves a objective view of ownership. This was the first record that researchers found about a none-capitalism system from Marx or any philosopher before. 1950 he started an intensive study of national-e Continue...

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In a communism structure the price of a product is set equal to its work time. This money goes to the owner of the company. His theory was that that every society starts out with the "Age-Old-Society, followed by a "antic Slave-Trading-Society, to a Feudalism, then a Capitalism, to Socialism, and ends with the communism. So that owner or bosses and supervisor of a company are employed like every one else and earn a particular payment. Before 1813 India was the biggest export country for cotton; after the invasion from England was the marked over flood by English cheap factory cotton. The materialism was the topic of another published work, "The theories about the Over-Earning of Products, in 1885-1910. Because the factories are in the hands of its employs, all employ owns the factory. That finally brought China to a Capitalism, which changed to different forms, when time went on. Another effect was that the ownership of the land changed and the a different trade between the farm-villages and the cities begun. Who is not involved in the actually produce progress. His first works were published in 1867 and one of it was called "The capital. He died in London in 1883 on March 14th. Marx explained the change form Feudalism to Capitalism in two ways. This new structure was supposed to help and support the farmer.


Capitalism & Communism
Capitalism & Communism. For purposes of discussion, working definitions of communism and capitalism are required. The basis of communism is economic. (8463 34 )

Capitalism and Communism
Capitalism and Communism. For purposes of discussion, working definitions of communism and capitalism are required. The basis of communism is economic. (8186 33 )

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