gender sexuality

             A.) In the article, “Human Sexuality: How do Men and Women differ?” by Letitia Peplau discusses gender difference in four different aspects; sexual desire, sexuality and relationships, sexuality and aggression, and sexual plasticity. These differences affect mental states, and they define not only heterosexuals, but homosexuals, as well.
             The first difference mentioned between males and females is sexual desire. Peplau (2003) describes sexual desires as “the subjective experience of being interested in sexual objects or activities or wishing to engage in sexual activities” (p. 37). Men seem to exhibit a much higher sexual desire in their life-span, than women do. Men are also more stimulated sexually by visuals than women are. Many tensions about the frequency of sex arise between married couples. The husband is typically the one who demands sex more than the woman. Also, another indicator for men having a larger sexual desire is the fact men masturbate more frequently, and begin at an earlier age.
             The second difference mentioned between the sexes is sexuality and relationships. Women prefer to be sexual only in committed relationships, where as men seem to have a liking for casual, and premarital sex. To emphasize it more, women are more likely to fantasize about love and affection, where as men are more likely to fantasize about acts and sex organs. Commitment is the key for most women when it comes to sexuality and relationships, but for men it is more about sex.
             The third gender difference discussed concerns sexuality and aggression. Men tend to view themselves as characters of aggression and dominance when it comes to their sexual role. Women, however, do not exhibit the same traits. And because men possess these traits they are more likely to initiate an attempt for sex.
             The last gender difference covered is entitled sexual plasticity. Women are much more easily manipulated by social interacti

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