By selecting the option of writing for publication I chose to construct a section from a biography. A biography is simply the story of a life. This means you can write a story about an object’s life such as a building or you can write about the life of a person. Biographies can vary in size; they can be pages long or just a few sentences. Short biographies tend to tell the basic facts of someone’s life and its importance. Longer biographies still include the basic information but are written in more detail, either way it still provides a great story. Biographies can be about famous or ordinary people. Many people prefer to read about famous people but reading about someone you didn’t know can also be interesting. I chose to write about an ordinary person. The aspect, which I concentrated on, was when he was 19 and attended university. The biographies main focus is on how the character fulfills his dream and then soon after it is shattered.
             I quite enjoying writing and had never attempted to write a biography so I thought that this would be the perfect opportunity. Before I began writing I had a read through a few examples of biographies so that I could get a general idea of how they had to be written. I quickly found out the difference between an autobiography and a biography, which many people tend to get mixed up with. Biographies are essays about someone’s life compared to autobiographies, which are essays about your own personal life. I decided that it would be best to construct my biography around an inspirational person. With the task focusing on one section of their life, a decision had to be made on which part would be written about.
             When writing this piece I always had the intention of it being publicized as a book. Even though I only wrote one section it would then be connected up with the rest of my person’s life. For example stories from their childhood through to present experiences. The plan was that the a

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