Joys of a car

             John Keats once said “A thing of beauty is a joy forever.” One thing beautiful that keeps on giving me joy is the miata. The miata is a beautiful car, from its smooth body on the outside to the sound of its roaring little engine. The miata is a compact car making it capable of getting into the tightest stalls. Its so tiny and so light it was very easy for Mazda to give this car perfect balance. The miata’s perfect 50/50 weight distribution balance has made this car a more than very capable cornering machine. However the most beautiful aspect about this little car is its connection between my mother and I.
             I was eight years old when I first set my eyes on a miata. My mother, a single mother, brought one home one day. In my young mind it was perfect in everyway. The car was red with a clean silk like black interior. The car came with a cd player, which at the time was amazing. My mother and I could now chose if we wanted to listen to all our Japanese pop music or to the American radio stations. The bucket seats were so comfortable, they fit mother perfectly. I of course, could sleep curled up like a ball in my seat. Another part of the miata that I especially like is that it only had two seats, just enough for the two of us. Coming from a single mother I was very attached to her, I never wanted her to be “taken” away from me. It seemed logical at that time that the Miata would help achieve that, allowing only her and me to enter it.
             The miata matched my mother very well, from the red paint that was the same color as her nail polish to the fact that they are both tiny. My mother also liked to speed a lot, mind you the miata hardly has the sort of performance that would put the scare into a Porsche but fast enough, however, to be entertaining. I remember cheering my mother on while we pushed 80 to 90 miles an hour on the freeway. Every time my mother was pulled over she pretended to not speak much English and usually was le...

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