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In this paper, I will discuss the reasons why America should convert to a universal healthcare system, and reveal the pros and cons behind the problems that America faces without a universal plan. My argument is based on these major issues: the people involved and their experiences, a variety of groups’ opinions, the political background, issues of cost, and comparisons. After taking into account these arguments, the reader should have a full understanding of why we should adopt the universal healthcare system in America. The healthcare system in the United States is unlike any other because the government has never provided universal coverage for everyone in the country. The World Health Organization reported that “among the world’s 29 industrialized nations, only the US does not have a form of universal healthcare coverage for its citizens”(qtd. in Scott 53: 32). We currently have a system called “managed care” where some citizens have private insurers and can choose which physician they wish to go to. The problem with this system is that not enough people in the country can afford insurance. The majority of the people affected by this issue are anyone falling in or above the lower middle class population. American Continue...

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A nation-wide plan would increase the country's health level because each person would have the option to see a physician if they become ill. Whereas Republicans appeal to growth of big businesses, which, as it turns out, have minimal problems with healthcare. s in the lower middle class make just enough money to live, but unfortunately cannot afford basic healthcare. When the subject of universal healthcare is addressed, many views arise from different secular groups. A priest walks by and proceeds to keep going because he does not like Jewish people. The 2003 Gallup Poll also revealed that "72 percent of Democrats feel it is the governments' responsibility to insure the nation (1). Democratic views, like the one mentioned above, are ones that favor the majority. 0 years (1) Some of the many countries that received higher rankings were Japan, Australia, Italy, and Spain. This plan is worth considering because the government could save money increasing our life span. Then, in March of 2001, North Carolina's CHIP program ran out of money. The government should not allow this many citizens to suffer because they feel most people should provide their own insurance. The US Census Bureau points out in a report that these identities play a factor in health insurance, as "Whites alone or in combination were 18. The uninsured rate is at a point where "Hospital Revenues run at about 114 percent of costs - so the excess can subsidize the uninsured (CQ Researcher 3). This is not shocking because World Health Organization researchers found that one major reason behind our country's low health rate was extremely poor inner city health.


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