Honesty Best Policy

             “Honesty is the best policy,” an old adage that seems to always be said, but not done. The number one priority in my mind has always been ethical concern. I believed that everyone was honest. Obviously, that assumption is completely out of context due to the collapsing truth of life. Reasonability kicks in right at the peek of childhood, when you figure out people are dishonest. The discovery of the nonexistence of Santa, the deceiving truth of the Tooth Fairy. Yet I stood firmly with my belief “honesty is the best policy.” I will stay honest, no matter what circumstances prevail. Ethics are number one on my list. Gradually reasonability led to even disprove my affirmation of this adage. Some circumstances call for a bit cunningness such as the scientific field along with the medical field. It’s patient confidentiality, and scientific experiments that one must keep secret. Just common everyday activities, that one must have self control upon. How did I bump upon this understanding at such a tender age? Before I was even a volunteer at the hospital, or before I even had to deal with such worries of legality, versus morality. An incident did not trigger these thoughts, but a revelation came suddenly through a down pile of events and stress.

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