TV Addiction

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More Than Just an Addiction Marie Winn in “TV Addiction” explains the definition of addiction. She gives examples of all kinds of addictions like drugs and alcohol. She also talks about why some addictions are good and bad. She also talks about how and why television is an addiction. For instance, she said that television allows the viewer to forget about the real world and enter into a pleasurable mental state. The addicts feel that they should do something else rather than watch TV but most of the time they don’t (607-609). I believe the term "TV addiction" is imprecise and laden with value judgments, but it captures the essence of a very real phenomenon. “Psychologists and psychiatrists formally define substance dependence as a disorder characterized by criteria that include spending a great deal of time using the substance (608).” Using it more often than you inte Continue...

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During my senior year in high school I would watch TV every night if I didn"tmt have practice for the sport I was in at the time. I would never talk to my parents because I was so hooked on TV that I didn"tmt want to be bothered or interrupted while I was watching it. Even today I limit my hours on TV and make sure that I always have my school work done before I ever turn it on. "That does not mean that watching television, is problematic. " The Writer"tms Presence; A Pool of Readings. Addiction is passivity, lack of control and consumption; its opposite is interest in life, active engagement, seeking and obtaining real-world activity and reward (607). I thought that I was never addicted to TV, and I could turn it off whenever I wanted to. nd; thinking about reducing use or making repeated unsuccessful efforts to reduce use. I was very angry at first when she took away the TV, but after awhile I got over it. It can cause giving up important social, family or occupational activities to watch TV and reporting withdrawal symptoms when you stop using it. I believe that TV addiction is basically just as bad as a drug addiction if not worse because it is socially accepted. The difficulty arises when people strongly sense that they ought not to watch as much as they do and yet find themselves strangely unable to reduce their viewing.


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