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Closing Statement Good Morning Jury. Today we have gathered to decide the faith of innocent Alex Filn. I would want you to be aware of the fact that the future of Alex lies in your hands. The choice you are here to make must be accurate, right, and wise. I ask you to please not make a choice that you do not believe is right. I trust for your judgment to be right. That Alex Filn is innocent. I shall not dare doubt your judgment, though you should be notified of the much false facts presented in front of the court. Alex Filn was driving Anita and Chris warden home and on the way the accident occurred. The car that my client drove to the party and from the party was registered in the DMV as Matt Filns though was driven by Nancy Filn. Basically it was Nancy Filn’s car. Alex’s BAC level was .07 though for a person to be considered DWI (Driving while intoxicated) the BAC level has to be .8. So .07 is way much too far off from even to consider a though which would make him DWI. Alex Filn was driving while Anita pulled the steering wheel to the right and caused the accident to occur. Both Alex and Chris were wearing seatbelts. The only person not wearing a seatbelt was Anita. So as stated before if Anita had her seatbelt on ther Continue...

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The prosicution believes he was committing a crime and while he was committing that crime he killed Anita. Your choice must be wise also make sure that you go thoroughly go over every detail and contradictions of witnesses. She was the one who turned the steering wheel. The accident would not have occurred at all if Anita wasn't careless and not so drunk as to to decide to turn the steering wheel. It also is impossible that he drank 15 beers because let me remind you his BAC level was . Now the time has come for you our honorable jury to make a decision. Though just make sure that the choice you make will not be regretful. Which also shows that if Anita had not turned the steering wheel no accident would have occurred because Alex's judgment is more accurate. After the accident a couple of minutes later Chris W. I know that you will make the right decision. I want to remind you that the accident would not have anyhow occurred if Anita hadn't pulled the steering wheel. The third crime that they are charging him with is Vehicular Manslaughter. Also it has not been proven that my client was even driving over 40 mph.


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