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In the United States along, approximately one in ten high school students can be diagnosed with depression (Bender). Depression leads to suicide, also it is eighty percent of all suicides ( Schleifer) . Suicide is the leading cause of death among high school and college students. Suicide rates have risen three times as many suicides in 1998 then there were in 1950 (Murphy). Although there are ways to prevent it, suicides may have many negative effects to it. Thousands of people die a year from suicide. To reduce this statistic, people need to start taking more acting to prevent these deaths. To begin with, thinking about suicide ends up with depression. Often, teens who kill themselves had upsetting experiences of some kind (Murphy) that have made them depressed. Depression has to do with moral strengths and weaknesses. Although depression is a personal problem, depression is a serious but treatable illness. A myth about depression is: "only adults can get really depressed" (cdc). In the U.S.A about one out of twenty Americans suffer from depression( Schleifer) . Another amazing fact is that gay and lesbian youth may account for thirty percent of all youth suicide. Gays and lesbians are also four times more likely to kill them Continue...

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    Suicide. Depression and Suicide In the early 19th century there developed a concern over the rising rates of suicide. .... Some perceive suicide as a personal act. .... (748 3 )

    Suicide. SUICIDE Suicide is the voluntary and willful taking of one's own life. .... However, far more adolescents attempt suicide than actually kill themselves. .... (716 3 )

    Suicide. Suicide refers to intentional self-inflicted acts that end in death. .... Different cultures and religions have had different ideas about suicide. .... (854 3 )

    Suicide. In researching suicide, I found that the numbers are staggering. Suicide .... States. In 1993, the suicide rate was 11.3/100,000. .... (954 4 )

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    Assisted Suicide. Physician-assisted .... Assisted Suicide). Physician-assisted suicide is illegal in most states with the only exception being Oregon. .... (783 3 )

Another way to prevent the negative effects of suicide is if someone tells someone else they are committing suicide, contact a professional immediately. Guns also put at risk large numbers of young people who consider suicide (Bender) . There is no doubt that the existing evidence points to an inordinate risk of suicide facing homosexual and bisexual youths. A cluster suicide is when someone kills themselves by copying how someone else committed suicide. Eight out of ten suicide victims told someone they were going to kill themselves (Murphy) . One person dies every six hours from committing suicide with a gun. For example, when filling out the application at the place where you are buying the firearm, there should be questions asking if you have ever been suicidal or if anyone in relation to you have been or have had symptoms to being suicidal. Also, 1,332 teens between fifteen and nineteen years old kill themselves with guns. alone, one person dies every seventeen minutes from suicide (cdc) . Teen suicide rates have risen more than two-hundred percent since 1960(Bender) . But, for example, if the teens mother had committed suicide, she could have influenced to perform and act called a "cluster suicide". A firearm is the most commonly use method of suicide by people under twenty-four (cdc) . A person who is depressed may feel sluggish. Suicide is caused by many thing but mostly depression, which can lead to alcohol or drug abuse making depression a negative effect of suicide. So obviously, people who plan on committing suicide usually show warning signs( Schleifer) .


Sociology & Suicide
Sociology & Suicide. SUICIDE Emile Durkheim and Suicide is the intentional, self-infliction of death. While many social scientists (1326 5 )

Durkheim and Suicide
Durkheim and Suicide. Durkheim theorized that social forces and environment may be linked with the level of suicide in our culture. (912 4 )

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Altruistic Suicide. Durkheim, Suicide and Sept. 11 Sept. 11, 2001, is that of "obligatory altruistic suicide" (Thompson, 1982, 122). (613 2 )

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Suicide Rates. Introduction suicides. Indeed, Bongar estimates that for every person who completes a suicide, eight to ten persons make the attempt. (1769 7 )

DRUG USE AND ADOLESCENT SUICIDE. For all age groups, the suicide rate in the United States is 12.8 persons per 100,000 population. (1630 7 )

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