A matter of Perspective

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A Matter of Perspective Indeed, there are attributes in ones life that can and should be changed. In the face of faults and weaknesses, doing what is right fosters excellence. Ignorance calls for diligent study, as this being a matter of perspective keeping ones desires in balance is as important as the need to be responsible. I have never been one to “care” for material things. I have learned being extravagant fosters negative reactors in ones life, waste not want not this statement is forever true. For that very reason I always have put money toward necessities rather then extravagances, with this “If I do not need this for survival, then I do not need it at all” this is my outlook on buying things for myself. My children on the other hand get what they need, not want for the most part. We all live within our means, the more one makes the more one spends. You must realize what true wealth really is. Self- Indulgent desires are a matter of control, there is nothi Continue...

Jeremiah and Brandi, if any-One had the right to achieve dreams it was them, after being robbed of childhood now adulthood too, I have to ask why God With my knowledge for the need to keep continuously busy, I made the step to continue my education. The trauma of loosing the only things that I feel I have accomplished well has most assuredly made me question my faith in all that I believe. I have enjoyed my time being your student, although I have wonder if I should have considered a career in writing instead. To be true, focusing on ones goals is a necessity, but one must also be content with their life to ensure desires that are positive. After over thirteen years of wanting to get my G. I can not rationalize why I tend to see myself in a light that is below what is reality, right or wrong I do any way. With taking this course, Human Dynamics I have been able to really see, really hear and really understand my self and others. As with every other power of nature, the imagination is a power with tremendous potential for progress andor destruction. Since there is no calamity greater then lavish desires, I choose to critically analyze issues pertaining to the spending of money. My biggest obstacle has been self-perception, this will undoubtedly be my undoing. The war within myself continuously becomes a issue, the perception I have on achieving success is naught. With the inability for one to see the "big picture and re-evaluate as life unfolds are covetous in which they are only focused on one path. There is nothing wrong with striving to advance and improve ones life.