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May twenty second was the first day of my internship, I was so excited but also very nervous. I had already completed all of the necessary paperwork and was ready for whatever they had in store.
All new interns had to be at the station at two o’clock in the afternoon. When we got there we were kept waiting for a half an hour before we had our names called and were assigned our id badges and then given some extra paperwork to fill out. We were told some of the rules and regulations of the station and then escorted up to one of the studios. There we had a pep talk from the station general manager and then also from one of the local news anchors, Scott B. He told us about some of his experiences in television and then gave us tips on how to “attack” our new internships. After his presentation we were offered refreshments and were given a chance to meet some of the other interns in different departments. Then our department heads came and took us to our different departments. This was the first chance I had to meet the other intern in my department, a girl named Jenn G. She was really nice so I knew we would get along right from the start. Which calmed me down a little bit and I wasn’t as nervous.
When Carolyn our supervisor finally took us down to the commercial production department, we were ready to learn exactly what we would be doing. She told us that each of us would have to first follow a commercial all the way through to see how it was done and then we would be doing it on our own. After that we were able to schedule the next few weeks and it was decided that we would come in 2 days a week until the end of our internship....

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