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Making Men Look Good In the American society beauty used to be meant for women only. Women, especially living in a big city had to look like Barbie, thin and beautiful. However, as the time changes, the American culture also changes in the emphasis of appearance. These days beauty is also meant and it seems to be a must for men. Men have to look like Ken, just as women are starting to look like Barbie. Therefore, changes in the emphasis on appearance in American culture are leading to serious consequences for many people. Several factors have influenced American beliefs about the importance of appearance. The most significant factor seems to be the change of women in society. It was impossible for a woman to have power. The only way to get some sort of power was by marrying a rich man. But now, women have gotten the power through education, women are the men’s bosses. Nowadays women don’t have to go after the big ugly rich guy, now they have the choice to look for an attractive man. The women’s changes in the society mean a change in men’s life. Men have to be handsome and be muscular or at least be phy Continue...

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Once they start taking steroids, they most likely continue taking more and more steroids. mentioned in "Dying to be Bigger. It used to be women that suffer from looking bad, now is men, but in the future our children are going to be the ones to suffer the cultural emphasis on appearance. He also said that is being more common to see men having eating disorders. This is harmful because men are not as mentally strong as women are. The authors suggest that there may be serious consequences of this increasing emphasis on looks. Consequences that seem to not be very taken very serious are going to be severe in many years. According to Fraiser, the American society of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons reported that in 1992 men only spent 88 dollar million dollars on liposuction, face-lifts, nose shaping, and eyelid surgery combined. In Men's Health, men are exposed to male models with a muscular body and nice shaped faces. These are serious consequences of this increasing emphasis on looks. Men are going to have more eating disorders. A further factor is what men see in magazines. In "Venus Envy the author Patricia McLaughlin mentions about how Men's Health has increased their circulation in the last six years, this magazine's circulation is as big as Esquire's and GQ's put together.


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