A monster?

             According to one of the monster definitions written in class, a monster lives in a secluded locale. A known troublemaker, he tends to be aided by special or unusual power. He has a nemesis, and puts little value in human life. Based on this definition, it can be proven that Victor Frankenstein is the real monster.
             Although Frankenstein seems like the victim at times, his true nature is that of a monster. Following the definitions made in class, “a monster lives alone in a secluded locale.” Frankenstein definitely keeps to this part of the definition. He isolates himself both times he constructs his creatures. In the creation of the first being, “Two years passed in this manner, during which I paid no visit to Geneva, but was engaged, heart and soul in the pursuit of some discoveries which I hoped to make.” (49) He does not see his family for two years and is cut off from all other human contact. The second time he attempts to create the woman-creature he again detaches himself from society, as if to escape the ridicule of his horrid experiment. This time he stated simply, “Having parted from my friend, I determined to visit some remote spot of Scotland and finish my work in solitude.” (156) Again, Frankenstein leaves for an entire year while he attempts to create the second creature. Following the first part of the monster definition created in class, Victor Frankenstein is a monster because he lives in a secluded locale.
             Not only does Victor live in a secluded locale but he also is “a known troublemaker and tends to be aided by special or unusual power.” We know from the beginning that Victor is a troublemaker from the wrong work he is experimenting with.

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