Bill Clinton as a Leader

             3) The following is my assessment on Bill Clinton based on each of the characteristics provided to us.
             · I think that when Bill Clinton was elected he had a strategic vision for the USA. He’s focus was on economic issues, working especially to overcome the sluggish growth of the American economy. At the same time, Clinton stood firm on certain traditional liberal goals such as converting military expenditures to domestic purposes, gun control, legalized abortion, environmental protection, equal employment and educational opportunity, national health insurance, and gay rights. He communicated this vision very well and I think that it was part of the American culture throughout his presidency. (He has this characteristic)
             · I think that he was very committed to his vision and it showed through his carrier. Few presidents have both raised more questions about the standing of the presidency and simultaneously presided over a longer period of sustained prosperity. (He has this characteristic)
             · I think that Bill Clinton was very well informed of all issues that were happening domestically and abroad. Government intelligence and people around Clinton had to be very well informed in order to make right and well thought out decisions, as the whole country depends on them. (He has this characteristic)
             · Clinton was very good in delegating the workload. He sent his representatives to deal with many issues domestically and abroad. I know that Clinton appointed vice-president All Gore to view the situation and provide solution in Bosnian conflict. However, it was Clinton who forced the government of Serbia to end its murderous attacks and ethnic cleansing of Muslims in Bosnia, as well as on Albanians within the borders of its own country, Kosovo. (He has this characteristic)
             · The Clinton administration and he showed astute use of power. He did not force his ideas upon the American public. He was very diplomatic in his views and...

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