The Portrayal of Women

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The Portrayal of Women Women are portrayed differently in literature depending upon the societal customs and the acceptance of women in the culture of the author. Although this is true, it is only partially so. An author is not obligated to write about his customs and norms, and in fact may use completely different ones in order to show dissent to the ones he has lived with. Gabriel Garcia Marquez's One Hundred Years of Solitude takes place in a Latin American setting. The passage(1) used from the novel in the comparative analysis involves a strong willed woman who is respected, however, is unaware of the situation she is part of. The young woman is unknowingly sleeping with two men who are identical twins. Similarly, Jorge Borges' short story "The Intruder", also set in Latin America. The woman, in this case, is involved with two brothers, but she is weak and her awareness of the situation is questionable. Both selected pieces share common ties in situation, however, differing outcomes arise, thus, a thoughtful analysis can be generated. Petra Cotes, the young woman in the selection from One Hundred Years Of Solitude, intrudes in the narrative and distracts the Segundo twins from their normal daily activities in the isolate Continue...

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The Nilsens always were protective of their brotherly bond. The philosopher's stone is a magical substance in alchemy which will cause the transmutation of metals (e. a plentiful supply of aluminum into gold), is a cure for all problems and can provide immortality. Without respect for the truth, he may not have respect for the woman involved. She does not know that they are two different people. A fortune is made by selling the extra animals and through raffles. These examples illustrate the similarities between the two stories and the behaviour of the men towards Petra Cotes and Juliana. This substance, however, exists only in the imagination. Without the violent background in one story or the gentler background in the other story, the results of a similar situation were unique. Aureliano Segundo marries Petra because he tells her the truth and then respects her. The Nilsens names are Eduardo and Christian. Eduardo, like his brother, leaves town to pick up a woman but he ends up "thr(owing) her out"(2) a few days later. One evening Christian tells Eduardo to "make use of her".


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