Frederic Remington

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Have you ever wanted to experience the intensity of the Wild West? Then Frederic Remington’s many sculptures, paintings, and illustrations might interest you. As a child Remington showed his artistic skill. His school notebooks were full of sketches mostly of horses. As a boy Remington was particularly fond of horses. In his early childhood Remington was an accomplished horse rider, a skill he learned from his father who was a cavalry officer during the civil war. Remington often painted what he experienced in real life. Remington’s experiences in his early life contributed to his particular style in his paintings, illustrations and sculpting. Born on October 1st, 1861 in Canton, New York; where his father was a newspaper publisher. As a boy he sketched horses, cowboys, Indians and soldiers. After attending a Massachusetts military academy from 1876 to 1878, he entered Yale University Art School in New Haven, Connecticut at age seventeen. In 1880 Remington’s father died giving him his fathers inheritance, he left school shortly after his father died. Remington took several jobs but he could not settle down. At age 19 Remington traveled to the western part of the United States. It was at this point in Remin Continue...

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(source 2, p9 steenwyk) Remington knew he had to keep bringing new ideas into his art in order to continue to capture the imagination of Harpers Weekly readers so he became restless to move onto something else. Soon Remington felt he could make a living with his artwork and skill. Through all of Frederic Remington's experiences in the west during his life contributed to the particular style in his paintings, illustrations, sculpting, and writings. Remington soon returned east settling in Brooklyn, New York. It during the end of his career was he painting the Impressionist Style. He was told to forget the technique and it will take care of itself. The Bronco Buster was something Remington had saw in the West. Remington settled in Kansas and bought a sheep ranch. In 1885 Remington started his professional art career. Remington asked a sculptor about the technique, he was told "Forget technique and it will take care of itself. As Remington traveled the west he remembered what he saw. By the end of the summer he had finished the model and sent the model off to be cast into bronze. In Remington's loneliness, Remington turned more and more to his artwork. He said, "...the more I looked the more panorama unfolded. Looking back at his career in 1905, Remington wrote, " I knew the wild riders and the vacant land were about to vanish forever...and the more I considered the subject, the bigger the forever loomed.