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Importance of the Parallel Plot in King Lear Literature can be expressed using many different techniques and styles of writing, some very effective and others not. One of the methods chosen by many is the use of so called "parallel" plots. "Parallel" plots, or sometimes referred to as minor plots; gives the opportunity of experiencing a secondary story going along with the main plot that otherwise would be unmentioned. William Shakespeare shows excellent use of a parallel plot in his play "King Lear", but some questions its essentiality by asking: Is it really necessary? Does it help the story or does it degrade it? Is the Gloucester's plot really needed? Many argue that it is very important and others say it is completely useless. This essay will try to prove that the parallel plot used in "King Lear" is needed and it adds to the overall value of the play. Like any other kind of literature "King Lear" contains many themes; one of which is the "parent-child relationship" conflict. Relationship problems are very common, not only in novels but also in everyday life. Lear starts the entire dilemma of hatred and destruction by his foolish desire for flattery. He divides his kingdom between two of his daug Continue...

This parallel plot that ties in with the main one sometimes actually comes into unison and characters interact with each other. Without the minor plot, the play would not get so detailed and the point would not be proven as effective as it is. The parallel plot also allows the story to be more eventful, more dramatic and tragic. The story becomes deeper and more enjoyable. William Shakespeare was aware of that by including the so called parallel plot; He was increasing the value of his own work. Both fathers have serious difficulties with their children. It is a very important part of King Lear and it serves a great purpose. The ideas would not be passed through as they were accomplished with the use of it. If William Shakespeare ignored the plot in the first place; his point would not be passed through at the level it is passed on now. He experiences trouble with his two sons, Edgar and Edmund. There are more characters introduced and length of the play increases. The reader can catch up on any previously overlooked points even though different characters and situations are presented. As we can assume from the play's title, Lear and his daughters are part of the main plot. As Lear, Gloucester is also portrayed with family problems.


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