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When and where they lived: The Aztecs lived in the high central plateau among great mountain chains. This area is the valley of Mexico. There had been many previous cultures in Mexico: Olmecs, Toltecs, Totonacs, Zapotecs, Mixtecs and to the South and East there were the Maya. Each had its own sphere of influence. When the Aztecs arrived they found many growing city-states throughout Mexico. The Aztecs reached Mexico in 1519. Houses: The Tenochca built small huts made of mud and wattle. Inside the houses, or huts, there were very little furniture. The people sat on mats on the earthen floor. They rolled the mats out for the night and covered themselves with a mantle. In one corner of the one-roomed house, there was a small fire pit. There, the mother of the house made two meals per day for her family. One meal early in the morning before the men went out to work in the cornfields, and another meal when they came home. The rich peoples' houses were made of dried brick called adobe. Food: The Aztec Indians ate very many different kinds of foods. They ate avocados, chili, chocolate, fowl (chicken, pheasant, partridge, etc.), frijoles (ground beans), fruit, and mole (crushed peppers). Octli is a man's drink only. Octli made a good drink during feasts. Pinole is a mixture of ground cornmeal and water. Pinole is a women and children's drink only. They also ate seafood, tomatoes, tortillas, corn and vegetables. The Aztecs farmed corn, beans, squash, peppers, tomatoes, sunflowers and tobacco. They hunted turkey, pheasant, duck, deer, wild pig and rabbits. Rabbits and ducks were also bred for food. Bees were kept for honey. Aztec Clothes: Peasant women made family clothing using a rough colorless cloth made from the Agave plant. Peasant men wore a white cloak tied over the right shoulder called a tilmantli. The peasant women wore ankle length skirts and blouses. Sandles were only worn on special occa...

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