THe Chrysalids

             Each generation of a family has been faced with a time in which they needed help. This assistance might not be one’s family member helping out, but maybe one’s distant relatives or friends. At a difficult time like this, one’s true character is revealed. For example, assisting an orphanage with money shows how helpful and considerate one can be. John Wyndham’s novel The Chrysalids, main characters play an important role, but minor characters often play a role, which is important as well. In particular, John Wyndham’s novel The Chrysalids, the minor characters, Mrs. Wender, the inspector and Uncle Axel each help David in their unique way. They each provide assistance and much needed understanding, and have an impact on David’s life. Firstly Mrs. Wender gives affection to David, which sways him to be a positive character throughout the novel. Secondly, the inspector guides David the right way with logic and neutrality. Finally, David’s confidant is Uncle Axel because he did not reveal David’s telepathic abilities and makes him understand Waknuk’s views on his special ability.
             Mrs. Wender provides for David affection and love, which influences him to be a positive character. Firstly, she is a grateful person who shows appreciation by saying, “‘you’re a good boy, David. You were kind to Sophie. I want to thank you for that’”(p.12). From this, David learns to be an encouraging and grateful person throughout the novel. Secondly, she is a kind person who says to David, ‘“I want you to come, but for Sophie’s sake we daren’t do it’”(p.48). She is a loving person, who loves both David and Sophie. From this, David learns to think before he acts. Lastly, Mrs. Wender is a motherly person who shows motherly love to David who “let her hold [David] to her in a way [his] own mother never did”(p.48). This shows how Mrs. Wender is more of mother than Emily Strorm is. This allows David’s p...

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