Wearing a Helmet

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A quiet humming sound caused by the neon lights dominated the room. This sound was accompanied by the low rumbling of the nurses talking with each other about the latest gossip, and whatever else it is that nurses talk about. Occasionally this noise would be rudely interrupted by the chirping telephone screaming annoyingly for someone to answer it. It was an extremely slow Sunday afternoon in the Utah Valley Regional Medical Center Emergency Room for Dr. Roberts and his team of medical professionals. It was the type of day that a person has when they at work and there is nothing to, and all that you can think about is going home early and enjoying the wonderful summertime atmosphere. Meanwhile, while this atmosphere of doing nothing but organizing the medical supply crash carts existed, somewhere on the local freeway, a group of friends were out riding their motorcycles, and getting away from the pressures of life. One of the friends was a twenty-two year old named Taylor. He is a student, attending the University of Utah, who had just recently been married. He was also anticipating on attending medical school later on in his future. Even though he had a lot of things going for him, for one reason or another Taylor decided to n Continue...

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Once the ambulance that was taking Taylor to the hospital had arrived in the emergency room bay, the crew began to unload the stretcher. 57 with the average hospital charge being 14,105. Researchers have proven the helmeted riders suffer fewer neck injuries than those who ride without a helmet protecting their heads. 91 (Utah Department of Health, Office of Health Care Statistics, 2002). So it is common knowledge that it is not against the law to ride without a helmet, and there haven't recently been many laws made about wearing helmets, so there isn't anyone out there to force you to wear a helmet, well maybe except for your mother! However keep in mind the common stories like the one at the beginning of this paper that are all related to not wearing a helmet while riding a motorcycle. Due to these high priced hospital visits, it is obvious that the cost invested in a helmet is substantially smaller compared to that of an emergency room visit. This specifically requires a window that is 210 degrees wide, a mere 3 degrees less than a person's peripheral visual field. (State driver-licensing agencies restrict motorists who have peripheral vision of 140 degrees or less. The other people involved in the wreck, the passengers inside the car that Taylor's bike had struck, seemed to have only sustained minor injuries to their bodies; however, Taylor didn't seem to appear as fortunate as them. Taylor and his motorcycle were knocked over, and were both sent hurdling into the air, flipping end over end. They tend to make up stories that seem to justify the avoidance of wearing a helmet. Riders without helmets were also more likely to be younger, have more severe injuries, and more head and neck injuries making this debated issue about not wearing a helmet a senseless argument. Taylor's friends began showing off to one another by popping wheelies, standing on the seats of their bike, and weaving in and out of traffic, at speeds of over ninety miles per hour. The study also found motorcyclists injured while riding without a helmet were less likely than their helmet-wearing colleagues to be covered by insurance to pay for their care.


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