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Essay on Gothic Literature Gothic literature can be defined as a literature that uses, as its main driving force, a combination of the supernatural, the grotesque, and the absurd in order to convey its point to the reader. Furthermore, the elements of the gothic work are not some random congregation of obscenities and meaningless calamity. The elements are cleverly calculated, and calamity never occurs simply for the sake of calamity.Gothic literatures have that certain something that makes a person question and use the darkness to find what needs to be found as opposed to using the light. Putting sublime characters in absurd circumstances evokes darkness in the story and the reader. Mary Shelley’s gothic classic Frankenstein, is a great example. Frankenstein, with his body blown completely out of proportion, when compared to that to a normal human being, and his hideous appearance, is a personification of the absurd. And similar to his apearance, his actions are extreme. Continue...

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Doppelgangers can also revealed to the characters through dreams. The double motif suggests that humans are burdened with a dual nature. Doppelganger may be defined as " a second self or alternate identity. Hidden chambers, vaults, secret passages. After crossing the threshold to the dark the character begins to master the darkness; thereafter, the romantic becomes the grotesque. Whether or not The Creature was justified in murdering all of those close to Victor is not the question here; instead, envision his actions as simply absurd and to the utmost extreme. His material self has now been left behind, the same manner as a snake peeling off its skin. Supernatural calamities and other occurrences may portray the doppelganger of a character in a Gothic literature to help the reader into understanding the character better. The reader reads the story and is entertained but also begins to question what is actually being said and portrayed within the story. When a story takes place in a Haunted House, it may reflect the hero's psychological state. When the person sleeps, he doesn't think and so the supernatural and outlandish(Hyde) world can enter his mind. In Gothic Literature, dreams express the dark and unconscious depths of the mind that are repressed by reason(Jekyll). When about to fulfill his destiny, Neo teaches Zion that the hero of yesterday will someday be a corrpted tyrant much like the Architect of the Matrix ;therefore, if he doesn't sacrifice himself for Zion, then nobody will be free. In The Matrix, after taking the red pill and saving Morpheus from the agents, Neo beats Agent Smith and is reborn without any ties to the life he had lived before.


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