A Bridge To Wisemans Cove

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The story is set in modern times and most of the action occurs over a period of about six months in a small town on the northeastern coast of Australia. Just before Christmas, Kerry Matt, unmarried mother of Sarah (19 years old), Carl (nearly 16) and Harley (10 years old), all with different fathers, takes off again on one of her “little holidays” and leaves the children to fend for themselves. When she stays away longer than usual, Sarah, who works in a travel agency, sells the household furniture, arranges for the boys to holiday with Aunt Beryl “up north” at Wattle beach until their mother’s return, then takes off overseas herself. Aunt Beryl lives in a shaky de facto relationship with Bruce Trelfo, a “shonky” tow truck operator, and spends a great deal of time and money on the pokies in the local club. When Kerry does not arrive for Christmas, and still has not collected the boys by the time school begins, Carl and Harley are enrolled in the local schools, but life i Continue...

Carl has a hard time taking care of his brother and keeping a roof over their heads. Carl also is confronted by his sadness. Aunt Beryl tries to bully Carl: " I want you off that barge and working on the tow truck. hen Carl turns 16 and the Social Security money she has been receiving for him is stopped, Aunt Beryl pesters Carl until he leaves school and gets a job, parking cars on Skip Duncan's red barge, which is in competition with Wattle Lady, the yellow barge, transporting passengers and cars across to Wiseman's Cove. s difficult, not only because of the instability in Aunt Beryl's home but also because of the bad reputation of the Matt name in the town. but when Carl stands up to her, she savagely tells about the "clowning around of her father, Des Matt, which crippled Skip and killed his son, Graham. In other words, she was actually on her way home to the family after a quite brief "holiday as usual. Joy tells Carl about the arrangements Skip has been able to make with Brentstone, the development company and tries to persuade Carl to bring Harley and live with them on Wiseman's Cove. Carl defies the Matt habit of running away and makes up his mind to stay to fight. Then Aunt Beryl and Bruce get a set of handcuffs from the local policeman and chain Harley inside the house. Carl confronts her in an angry outburst at the Club. Meantime Harley is suspended from school for fighting, and Carl has to take care of him.