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How television media violence influences deviant behavior, specifically criminal behavior

Violence in the media has become a commonplace affair. Does television violence result in more aggressive or deviant behavior' Is such behavior likely to lead to criminal behavior' Recent studies have indicated that even the most seemingly benign programs on television, such as cartoons, are filled with violence. Violence in the media influences human behavior in a negative manner. Hundreds of studies have been conducted in recent years evaluating the effects of violence in the media. The results are at best, daunting and somewhat alarming. Some have raised enough question about the effects of media violence to cause researchers to claim the results are inconclusive. However others prove strongly enough that media violence can lead to criminal behavior, and many sociologists have concluded that violence in television media impacts viewers in a negative manner. Television violence impacts youths and adolescents much more frequently than it impact adults. Human behavior is the product of internal influences, such as a person's biological pre-disposition or genetic make-up, as well as external factors such as the environment. There have been many studies linking innate human tendencies such as violence and aggression with media violence. All human beings have the capacity to love, hate, be gentle or violent. Human beings are born with a brain capable of distinguishing between right and wrong. External factors, such as media violence often influence individual's to act out on these more aggressive tendencies. In the absence of other stimuli, it is possible that viewing violence in the media will not result in violent behavior. However, as humans, many live in a world that is aggressive by nature, and the constant influx of violent material whether from the home or in the workplace can be a significant factor deciding whether people act out on their aggressive tendencies. According to William Korn...

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