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TIME MANAGEMENT AT HOME If all we really have is time, then why is it so difficult to manage' One expert defines time and time management as based on events. "Time is the occurrence of all the events in our lives in sequence, one after the other. When we talk about time management, we are really talking about event or task management" (Dembo, 2000, p. 98). Managing your time more effectively at home can lead to managing your time more effectively in every aspect of your life. Time management is essentially about control. When you control your time, rather than allowing time to control you, you can be more productive, more competent, and actually find more time for yourself. Time management is not a new idea. Two industrialists, Frederick Taylor and Frank Gilbreth, first developed studies on time and motion over one hundred years ago, and people have been trying to add more time to their days ever since (Davidson, 1995, p. 80). Time management is one of the simplest types of self-improvement, and it can add literal years to your life. It can also add to your own sense of well being and accomplishment, which carries over into every facet of your life. Everyone wastes time, because no one i Continue...

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As more educators discover the benefits of time management, more classes and instruction in the basics will surely follow, which will benefit everyone concerned. Once one area of your life is flowing smoothly, the other areas tend to follow suit. Other tasks may never be important, but they will be urgent. Always carry a calendar with you so you can schedule meetings and appointments once, and only once. Set a weekly calendar of prioritized events and tasks, so you know what you need to achieve each week (Dembo, 2000, p. If you're too busy to stay calm, you're too busy. This alone would create a happier work environment for most personnel; it creates a more efficient workplace, which makes any owner or manager happy. Prioritizing work assignments is crucial to successful time management. Time management techniques can help you get more out of your day, accomplish more tasks, and still have time to "smell the roses. Our modern lives are filled with time demands everywhere we turn, but one expert warns, "If you're too busy to enjoy your life, you're too busy. "It is also possible that training just made people feel better about themselves and their situations. TIME MANAGEMENT AT SCHOOL Time management at school can lead to more organized time management at work, and to less stress and distress during heavy study times, such as midterms and finals.


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