Food Choices

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According to the article, physical activity in the American public has declined. This type of sedentary lifestyle would still not be enough to fight obesity, even in conjunction with a well-balanced diet. Consumers often make decisions to eat chips, hamburgers, and other fattening foods, regardless of wealth or social status. In addition, size portions have increased over the years. America also seems to love to "super-size." Fast food is cheap and that is why obesity can spill over into the poorer segments of society. Sometimes it is even cheaper to buy burger's fries, and shakes for the family than it is to prepare a meal at home--not to mention it is quicker and easier to clean up. In many cases, it makes better sense to eat the fast food. In addition, Americans probably feel as if their lives are so busy that they just don't have time to prepare a decent meal and opt for the fast food approach in Continue...

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The article also states that not only have Americans slowed down, but their diets have grown. All of these ideas are compounded by commercial advertisements that depict every American as running from meeting to meeting, with cell phone in one hand and a candy bar in the other. " This can only mean that other "an epidemic of cardiovascular disease lies heartbeats away. The article indicated that other diseases linked to obesity, such as "diabetes, heart disease and other so-called adiet-related non-communicable diseases' will join the list of ailments straining the public-health facilities of poor countries. Additionally, the same trend seemed to be emerging in Mexico and the Dominican Republic as well. On the other hand, a normal good is defined when an individual's demand for that food increases along with his or her income. Americans must learn to take responsibility for their actions or inaction, as it turns out. Therefore, food is more likely to be seen as an inferior good. In fact, the article cites that a study in Brazil, studies indicate that in "urban areas richer people eat more fruit and less sugar, and do more exercise, than their poorer compatriots". Based on those facts and relating back to the article, food choices are increasing because the wealth of nations is on the rise. " This conflict could be resolved by consumer responsibility--in any country. " The article also indicated that some governments are reluctant to invest on resources that would promote healthy diet and exercise "while starvation is still a real threat. In addition, many Americans don't take the initiative to learn about the body and what it takes to keep it healthy.


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