The Prince of Egypt

             The film Prince of Egypt did a wonderful job at filling in the details
             of Moses' life. While many scenes were added to the biblical narrative,
             the film's poetic license needed to create some of the interaction between
             Joseph and his older brother Ramses in order for the characters to find
             flesh and blood on the silver screen. Even in animated form, the
             additional scenes helped the viewer understand that these characters were
             not just flannel graph images which played out a predetermined and stoic
             One of these scenes depicts Joseph and Ramses racing through the city
             streets on their chariots. The competition between the older and younger
             brothers gave character depth and dimension to the film. Ramses, as the
             oldest, would have been more ridged, focused on pleasing his father and
             ultimately replacing pharaoh with all the force and responsibility that his
             task would require of him. Joseph, on the other hand, could afford to
             play, and prod his older brother into crossing the lines of "appropriate
             behavior" for a future pharaoh. The dynamics of their relationship helped
             form the power of the conflict when Moses returned to lead his people out
             How would have Moses felt, facing his brother whom he had not seen in
             40 years. How would the one who had left in disgrace be able to stand
             before his brother and insist that Ramses let the strength of Egypt leave
             under the guidance of Moses staff' The file adds the scene between two of
             them sitting in the darkened colonnades of the palace. Moses an Ramses
             talk about their adolescent pranks against the temple priests, and how they
             loved to, as most adolescent men, play pranks, goad each other into
             stepping over the lines, and then how they supported the other when
             circumstances did not fall in their favor. Just as the Cecil B D'Mille
             film "The Ten Commandments" added the love rivalry between Moses and Ramses

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