The Education of a WASP

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The idea that racism is a thing of the past is a hard concept to document, from either side of the argument. Today in America there is more opportunity, and more freedom to move from one social class to another than there ever has been. However, just as there is a "glass ceiling" in some career paths that have been traditionally dominated by white males, there also exists evidence in our country that racism is still a problem, and must be addressed in positive, proactive terms in order to create true equality. How we measure and define equality, if there is such a thing, will be the most difficult aspect to developing a strategy to eliminate racism from our midst. Written in the mid 1960's, the racial picture in the country was significantly different at that time. While 1963 brought court mandated end to the Separate – but – Equal treatment of black Americans, the attitudes and social prejudices which remained in tact created a significant glass ceiling, and glass walls, fences, and barriers which black Americans were not allowed to cross. Continue...

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The lesson I took from this book isthat we should leave behind the culturally imposed victim status of moderna"multiculturalism,' admit that we are all in need, and we all can achieve,and then put our hands, hearts and minds together to benefit the commonsocietal good. Her life hasbeen cut out of a magazine, which described the typical American familywith a couple kids, a father who worked and a mom who enjoyed staying home. In Lois Stalvey's book, she lived in narrow, white anglo saxonprotestant neighborhoods for the first years of her marriage. However, after becoming aware of some of the prejudices on their Omaha,Nebraska home town, they chose to become active about the racism they saw,and moved to resist its injustices. Overall, the Stalvey's recognizedthat only by becoming a part of the change process could they expect to seereal change in the lived of people they knew, and people they saymistreated. When we are willing to get involved in acultural problem and see it through to a positive conclusion, regardless ofthe opinions others may have of us because of our efforts, we are the oneswho can say that cultural stereotyping and prejudice have no place in ourlives. Personally, I can't relate my life experienced to that of theStalvey's. Eventually, their behavior caused a demotion and transfer for Mr. I learned from this book that ultimately, real change happened whenpeople give of themselves. I have taken the public transportation system at times, andwondered what the lives of those who were fellow passengers must be like,but my life is significantly different from theirs. When they resettled, they sought housing that allowed them to live in aneighborhood of varied races and cultures. If ablack American has lived for generations in a poverty stricken situation,by leaving the label behind, he can find the personal courage to reach fornew heights, instead of hanging onto his underclass mentality and identity. Raised in a neighborhood similar to what Lois described in theopening paged of her book, I have not personally been touched by racialinjustice.


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