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Psychological diagnosis of Jack Nicholson's character in "As Good As It Gets" Jack Nicholson's character "Melvin Udall" in the film "As Good As It Gets" meets the criteria outlined in the DSM-IV for obsessive-compulsive personality disorder (OCD). The character of Melvin demonstrates the high needs for order, perfection, and control seen in patients with OCD. Much of his time is dominated by getting prepared and organized. Furthermore, his over-attention to what seem to most to be minor details prevents Melvin from necessarily seeing things from a larger perspective. Also, Melvin does not have any meaningful personal relationships, which is also characteristic of people with OCD. He wants everyone to cater to his way of doing things, and doesn't allow for the give and take necessary for friendships. Melvin appears stiff and impossible to others, unable to feel any emotions or empathy. Overall he seems not to be happy. Melvin's extreme need for order, perfection and obsessive control is evident through his varied compulsive behaviors. When Melvin enters his apartment, he closes the door and proceeds to turn each lock on his door five times. This is obviou Continue...

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However, approximately 40 do not show any improvement with the drug. This drug reduces the intensity of the symptoms of OCD, resulting in an improvement of 40 a" 45 percent in people with the disorder. Although progress is possible an probable, OCD rarely disappears completely. He appears to be caught off guard when anybody makes a gesture of friendliness toward him, and this usually has the effect of him anxiously pulling away from the situation. He is completely unreceptive and unresponsive to emotions and appears to be inhumanly blank and cold in his interactions with other people. In fact, he uses a new bar of soap for not only each washing but for each lathering. In treatment sessions Melvin would be instructed to expose himself to these stimuli either through guided imagination exercises or directly, starting with the least offensive stimuli in his hierarchy. When embarking on a weekend trip Melvin spends an unreasonable amount of time and effort organizing his belongings before they even get into his suitcase. Melvin also has an unreasonable obsession with cleanliness. He expects his every wish and command to be attended to, without giving any consideration to the thoughts or needs of others. Overall he seems to be very disgruntled and unhappy. Also, while walking down the street as well as within buildings, Melvin avoids stepping on cracks in the sidewalk or between tiles at all costs. He also orders the exact same meal, and becomes very irate if anything in this context does not go according to his routine. sly an irrational behavior, but Melvin feels it is necessary to heed to this routine each and every time his door is opened and then closed.


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