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Statement of the Problem Current statistics in the education marketplace show that a number of shifts are occurring. The president's "No Child will be Left Behind" act has demanded that schools raise their academic success rates, and lower the measured illiteracy and drop out rates in schools by the year 2005. Concurrently the thrust in the classroom is to integrate technology, including networked computers, scanners, digital cameras in order to teach student additional skills, over and above the traditional three "R's." This is creating a demand on the educational system to recover from poor performance, and increase the subject matter which is being taught at the same time, As a result, the teachers are being called upon to: • Change their teaching style, to integrate technology • Change their teaching materials, to include new subject matter • Radically alter their perception of the educational culture from that of a dissemination of information to a learning Continue...

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Teachers are already under-paid for their efforts, and often spend personal evening time doing school related work. In order to facilitate these changes, the teachers are facing an additional demand on their time for Professional Teacher Development (PTD) which is typically held after school, in on off-site location. By their own experience, which is the best teacher, the teachers will: a Learn to use technology by hand on application a The teacher will avoid the embarrassment of having to learn new teaching technology which other already have mastered. a Financial analysis of project costs, including: o Research phase, including timeline, and staffing needs o Development phase, including timeline and staffing needs o Beta testing phase o Rollout plan, including marketing plan, sales staffing needs, advertising plans o Support and tech. Proposed Project My company wishes to create an online learning PTD system. In addition, by utilizing an online learning system the teacher will be drawn into a new learning culture. a The teacher will be drawn into a collaborative environment with other teachers, and thereby experience the positive nature of a learning community. Plan needs to identify profitability over a 2, 5, and 10 year period. Some understand these subjects, and need help addressing the learning culture in their classroom, and school. The results will be a positive gain for the education community, the educational standards of the overall community, and therefore a student which is more highly educated. The teachers will be better equipped to teach their students. a Expected revenues based on Beta testing, pilot phase, and full rollout phase. It is our belief that by drawing the teacher into an online PTD system, many of the obstacles pressures which are currently defeating the standard PTD will be defeated.


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