Online Learning Essay

             Current statistics in the education marketplace show that a number of
             shifts are occurring. The president's "No Child will be Left Behind" act
             has demanded that schools raise their academic success rates, and lower the
             measured illiteracy and drop out rates in schools by the year 2005.
             Concurrently the thrust in the classroom is to integrate technology,
             including networked computers, scanners, digital cameras in order to teach
             student additional skills, over and above the traditional three "R's."
             This is creating a demand on the educational system to recover from poor
             performance, and increase the subject matter which is being taught at the
             As a result, the teachers are being called upon to:
             • Change their teaching style, to integrate technology
             • Change their teaching materials, to include new subject matter
             • Radically alter their perception of the educational culture from that
             of a dissemination of information to a learning community.
             Teachers are already under-paid for their efforts, and often spend personal
             evening time doing school related work. In order to facilitate these
             changes, the teachers are facing an additional demand on their time for
             Professional Teacher Development (PTD) which is typically held after
             school, in on off-site location. Many teachers do not desire to attend PTD
             sessions, because the needs of the seminar group are so varied. Some
             teachers need remediation on computer and digital technology. Some
             understand these subjects, and need help addressing the learning culture in
             their classroom, and school. Administrators, who have included new
             materials in the PTD sessions, have not changed their delivery methods and
             thus the sessions can often be dull, slow moving expenditures of the
             teachers' time for which they receive little positive take away value.
             My company wishes to create an online

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