US and British Political System

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United States The Constitution of the United States designates three main structures of government. The judiciary is charged with the country's legal system, interpreting and upholding the country's laws. The legislature, composed of the Lower House and the Senate, is composed of representatives who write the laws of the country. Finally, the executive branch runs the country's administrative needs. In the United States, the executive branch is headed by a president, who is elected directly by the American people. These elections are held separately from the elections for representatives in Congress. Furthermore, while the president is not vested with any direct legislative power by the Constitution, he or she may veto any laws that have been passed in Congress. This system of separate elections dates back to the presidential elections in 1789 (Brinkley A30). It is through this electoral period that the American government pursues a common "general will" of its constituents. In contrast to direct democracies such as Switzerland, where people vote in national referendums, the American people elect Congressional representatives and the President in two separate elections. This separation Continue...

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The United States legislature is composed of two bodies a" the Lower House and the Senate. Membership in the House of Lords is determined by heredity, by peerage and by being a clergy member of the Church of England. In summary, both the United States and the United Kingdom have democratic forms of government, which are premised on duly elected bodies acting as representatives of the interests of their constituency. The Lower House or House of Representatives is composed of 435 members, who represent the various districts around the United States. In addition, Queen Elizabeth II is also the head of the English judiciary and of the Church of England (Goldsworthy 89). The Royal family spends most of its time doing traditional ceremonies, raising money for charities and acting as ambassadors of goodwill for Britain by visiting various countries. Thus, while the majority party composition of the United States Congress would have a great effect on the types of laws that are passed in session, party dominance in Congress does not necessarily translate to a corresponding dominance in the executive branch. The other ministers, such as the Minister for Defense, Minister for Trade and Industry and Minister of Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs, could be appointed from both Houses of Parliament (Goldsworth 200). At the helm is the Prime Minister, who is elected by the MPs and who traditionally comes from the House of Commons. The House of Representatives has co-equal status with the Senate, with two important distinctions. As head of government and the military, the United States President also wields more clout than the British Prime Minister. With a total of 529, majority of the MPs hail from parliamentary districts in England, the most populous British state. The United Kingdom is divided into 659 parliamentary constituencies, each of which elects its own representative as a Member of Parliament (MP). Like its American counterpart, the British legislature is divided into two bodies. In contrast to the American presidential system, the British Prime Minister is appointed by the party that dominates the House of Commons.


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