The Interaction between the Self and the Society: A Case Study on Kobe Bryants New Image

             In sociology, the concept of social reality is simply expressed and
             defined as the interaction of the individual or the Self with his/her
             surrounding, the person's "reality" as s/he perceives it. For a social
             reality to become real, there must be interaction and existence between the
             individual and the society. Although not manifested physically, the
             society interacts with the individual in numerous ways, shaping the way
             s/he thinks and perceives his/her Self. Interaction between the individual
             and society, indeed, determines one of the most important studies on
             sociology—that is, how the members of the society construct and give
             meaning to their social realities as they experience and perceive it.
             The dynamic process of the social experience is mirrored in the
             sociological tradition of symbolic interactionism, which studies the
             behavior of the individuals and societies through observation and
             description. In symbolic interactionism, people's appearance, gestures,
             and language serve as representations, or symbols, that people use when
             they interact in social situations. Through this method, social experience
             and meaning are developed both by the individual and by the society,
             enabling social scientists study the interaction, meaning, and significance
             of social actions and experiences to the society in general.
             Using the case study of basketball player Kobe Bryant, this paper
             studies in detail information regarding Bryant's transformation (as he
             faces charges of sexual molestation) from being an athlete to being a
             believer of God, a "responsible" and "good" man. Utilizing theories for
             and against symbolic interactionism, this paper looks at the similarities
             and differences in which Bryant's experience has altered his image not only
             as a basketball player, but also mainly as an individual interacting with
             After cases of sexual assault and molestation...

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