We all know full well that being a member of a community is vital to
             the success of our world. Communities are an essential part of human
             existence that impact our world view. The purpose of this discussion is to
             examine what it means to be a part of a community. We will focus on the
             concepts of volunteerism and safety in the community.
             What it means to be part of a community
             The community in which I live is rather small and urban. There are a
             total of nine schools in the area and the population is rather diverse. As
             a member of a diverse community, I have the ability and responsibility to
             educate myself about the different cultures and religions that exist within
             the community. Through this education, I can discover how to better serve
             the needs of my neighbors—this is what it means to be a part of a
             As a member of the community I also must understand the essentiality
             of volunteerism. Volunteerism allows me to take the focus off of myself
             and devote my time and energy to others that are in need. I currently
             volunteer my time at my church and to coaching recreational youth
             activities. Volunteering at the church allows me to meet the needs of
             people that may not have any other place to go. Likewise, coaching allows
             me to be a positive influence for other young people. This influence
             instills self esteem, team work, leadership skills and confidence. In
             doing this, I am giving back to my community and making it a better place.
             Volunteerism is also important also an important part of being a
             member of a community because it not only helps individuals but aids the
             community as a whole. It allows people to know that they will have support
             in the community when they go through difficult times. You see, being a
             part of a community also means that I must support my neighbors and do
             whatever I can to improve their situation.

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