The Importance of My Mother

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Many things and many people in my life have mattered to me, and many of these same things and people have also affected me in some profound, meaningful, and permanent way. Regardless of this, however, there is one person in my life who has done more for me than anyone else my mother. It seems that almost everyone thinks that their particular mother is the best one, and they cite thousands of wonderful reasons that make them feel this way. It is undoubtedly true that there are many wonderful mothers out there, and they are all very important to the people that love and care for them. Even though I believe that my mother is great, I never mean to imply that she is better than other mothers. She is, however, better for me because we are so compatible. As long as I can remember, my mother has been there for me. She took care of me when I was little like all good mothers do, but the relationship that we had as I got older was actually more important to me. As a child, I took the fact that my mother was there completely for granted. Most children do. Growing up was ma Continue...

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The meaning of this isbeyond words, because I know that this is somewhat rare in a society wherechildren grow up and move on, instead of staying close to their families. Itis a great gift to be able to show others how important life and love issimply by existing. I am learning that no one is perfect, and thatperfection is not required to be a worthwhile member of society and a goodperson. While this is a generalization, it seems that it is happening more and moreoften today and the trend will continue. de easier by her love and concern, however,and now that I am no longer a child, I have a relationship with my motherthat many people have with their closest friends. It is easy for parents to say these things, but it is only reallyunderstood when it is witnessed in someone that we respect and care about. Because my mother has always been willing to allow me to see her beinghuman, I have learned valuable lessons about how to act and who I want tobe as I get older. She is truly my best friend, and the thingsthat I have learned and continue to learn from her will stay with me andhelp me throughout the rest of my life. Because ofthis I feel that I am a better person than I would have been had I not beena close friend of my mother. When it does, I will be able to be comforted by all ofthe wonderful times that we have shared together and all of the things thatshe has taught me about life and about myself. I know, however, that time willcome eventually. She did all of the rightthings while I was growing up, or at least I thought that she did. Nowthat I am older, I see her flaws, and that she does not always do thingsright. Irealize there are some, because of abuse or other factors, where thisrelationship will never be, but most of these relationships do not happensimply because there is no effort made.


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