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In order to answer this question, many things must be taken into account, such as the environment and upbringing of the people that fit into the category of the poor. Of course, genetics plays a major role in determining a person's status in life, especially in regard to the abilities and talents inherited paternally and maternally, being from the father and the mother. But it must be pointed out that circumstance also plays a role when it comes to a person's social standing. For example, if a person is brought up in an environment where the parents stress education, reading and some form of artistic pursuit, then it is reasonable to assume that an individual nurtured in this type of environment will utilize these advantages in his/her daily life as compared to a person whose parents do not stress learning and individualism in the home. As to whether there exist a distinction between the d Continue...


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    .... There has been many debates concerning this matter. .... The genetic link, however, is unproved. .... of someone to contact this may mean the difference between life and .... (6330 25 )

eserving andundeserving poor, it is clear that all persons that live in poverty areequally deserving of a better status in life. And of course, everyone whois poor deserves a better life, but being mentally able to raise oneselffrom poverty may be heavily influenced by genetics, just as inheritedintelligence makes it possible to achieve much in life. This also involves the separation and combination of genes duringfertilization and the further 2interaction of developmental influences and genetic material. However, some people appearto "hand down" through the generations a life of poverty that over theyears becomes a natural state of existence, meaning that living in povertyis considered as nothing out of the ordinary. In addition, just because an individual is wealthy does notnecessarily mean that hisher genetic makeup is better than that of aperson who lives in poverty. However, intelligencedoes appear to be transmitted genetically, especially if the parents arehighly educated or possess some type of extraordinary talent or ability,such as in music, art or writing. As previously mentioned, circumstance plays amajor role is this situation, for many persons are fortunate enough to beborn into a wealthy family as compared with those born into poverty. It also appears that behavioral traits can be inherited from one'sparents, such as how a person reacts to certain situations that are thenrecognized as being "just like his father" or "That's exactly what yourmother did when she was a child. The question as to whethermental traits can be inherited has long been studied by various researchersand the conclusions are still not in total agreement. Scientifically, heredity can be explained as the process by whichparticular traits or conditions are genetically transmitted from parents tooffspring that results in resemblance of individuals related bydescent. But it is also possible thatthese persons are genetically inclined to live in poverty despite theoccasional opportunity to better their lives which may be overlooked or notrecognized due to some type of genetic flaw in their overall mental makeup. " But is seems that how a person behaves ismore closely related to the environment, due to how a person is raised byhisher parents or is influenced by those in one's immediate family. However, some wealthy persons have obviously inherited the traits necessaryfor a better lifestyle, such as the ability to take a situation and use itto their advantage. But thisexplanation only concerns the inheritance of physical traits, such asheight, eye color, hair color and body shape.


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