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Conflict is usually a common problem facing any organization but it need not be grave in nature and should not prolong unnecessarily if the management knows how conflicts are to be managed and resolved. In my firm, the two most important means of conflict management is communication and effective diversity management programs. Our firm believes in keeping the channel of communication open so the employers can make themselves accessible in case a problem arises. Communication is a major problem in organizations as employees feel they do not now how to approach the senior management when some problem arises. When changes are being planned, the importance of communication is heightened. The employers should take the staff into confidence and explain clearly why changes are to be introduced. Plsek and Kilo (1999) explain: "Change is not so much about overcoming resistance, as it is about creating attraction. Viewing the movements of a colony of ants over time reveals a detailed pattern of complex behavior and many cycles of change as the insects build and then move. Paradoxically, the underlying attractors that drive this behavior are quite simple: food and survival." Lack of communication is in fact the most damaging problem any company can face and one that gives rise to an air of mistrust among the employees. Open communication also helps the management become aware of the grievances of employees. In many companies we notice that communication system is poor and employees are usually left alone to suffer in silence. However this is not the case in our firm where communication channel is kept open through all means of communication. Employees are allowed to give suggestions, show disappointment, disapprove of something, lodge a complaint, criticize a new program or generally vent their feelings during weekend meetings with the human resource managers. This style of conflict management is in tandem with my perso...

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