Birth Order

             Birth order is one way of understanding friends and family. Some researchers believe how you placed in your family can have an influence on personality traits. Other factors must also be considered. These include genetics and the environment in which you were raised. There are no magical formulas to help us understand our friends and family. However birth order research may offer clues about why people tend to be the way they are. Through your position in the family you develop your behavior pattern way of thinking and emotional response.
             Here are some characteristics of first born children.
             • Act like miniature adults because they are
             They are included in adult activities and they have to set an example for younger siblings.
             • They often take more on than they can handle and they are hard on themselves.
             • They walk, talk and read earlier and excel in school.
             • Usually architectures, engineers or accountants.
             Here are some characteristics of middle children.
             • More likely to better adjust as adults than
             • Good at compromising and negotiating
             Some characteristics of youngest children are:
             • Often act cocky to cover self-doubt
             • Usually go own way growing up because parents are more lenient.
             Youngest children are usually writers, comedians or a salesperson.
             Some characteristics of only children are:
             • Often take on too much and are very hard on themselves.
             Only children tend to find a job that works with data or a computer field. Variables can affect each family situation. These variables include spacing, the sex of

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