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Staff and Management Issues in Communication

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Introduction: Effective written and oral communication is critical to the
efficient management of any organization as it is the process through which
information moves and is exchanged throughout an organization. More
important, poor communication can actually affect a company's bottom line
for the simple reason that ineffective listening can prove to be expensive.
For example, a simple $10 mistake, made by each of the over 100 million
workers in the United States, would cost over a billion dollars. Besides
the dollar cost, little mistakes result in irate customers, alienated
employees, and ultimately lost productivity and profits. In fact, many a
labor problem can be attributed to managers who are poor listeners (Harris,
cited Steil; Wakin; DiGaetani, 1993, p. 233). The truth of the preceding
observations is illustrated in the case of the Chicago branch of Standard
Parking Corporation (SPC), which this paper will use as a case study on
communication in the work environment. In the interests of clarity, the
paper will first briefly narrate the case situation, before defining the
communication problems and presenting possible strategies for dealing with
the issues.

Case Study Situation: Standard Parking Corporation (SPC) is a national
leader in parking management services, operating approximately 2,000
parking facilities in over 270 cities throughout the United States and
Canada, with gross parking revenues in excess of $1.5 billion. SPC also
operates in over 70 airport locations across the country, including O'Hare
International Airport in Chicago, which is the world's busiest airport. The
company has recently experienced phenomenal growth in the Chicago location
with the addition of the Ground Transportation Department. The rapid
growth, along with the addition of new services, has unfortunately resulted
in communication issues that have caused conflicts within the Chicago
operations. Of principal concern...

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