Staff and Management Issues in Communication

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Introduction: Effective written and oral communication is critical to the efficient management of any organization as it is the process through which information moves and is exchanged throughout an organization. More important, poor communication can actually affect a company's bottom line for the simple reason that ineffective listening can prove to be expensive. For example, a simple $10 mistake, made by each of the over 100 million workers in the United States, would cost over a billion dollars. Besides the dollar cost, little mistakes result in irate customers, alienated employees, and ultimately lost productivity and profits. In fact, many a labor problem can be attributed to managers who are poor listeners (Harris, cited Steil; Wakin; DiGaetani, 1993, p. 233). The truth of the preceding observations is illustrated in the case of the Chicago branch of Standard Parking Corporation (SPC), which this paper will use as a case study on communication in the work environment. In the interests of clarity, the paper will first briefly narrate the case situation, before defining the communication problems and presenting possible strategies for dealing with the issues. Case Study Situation: Standard Parking Corporati Continue...

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Of course, meredistribution of either offline or online manuals is never enough. Since it is only SPC Chicago that is facing acommunication problem with procedures, it can be deduced that the problemlies in the area of inadequate oral communication. The rapidgrowth, along with the addition of new services, has unfortunately resultedin communication issues that have caused conflicts within the Chicagooperations. Of principal concern is the ongoing miscommunication ofprocedures in Ground Transportation operations, which has resulted indissatisfied customers, frustrated employees, and business losses. Send in a communications team from headquarters to determine if designedsystems have been implemented at the Chicago location. The effective communication of such routines ensuresthat they become a part of organizational culture if the culture is alsogeared towards the formation of tacit knowledge. Communication plays a major role in the employer-employee relationships. Research Findings: Presented below is a summary of findings from severalsecondary sources on effective organizational communication, which can beapplied to the SPC case. Typically, however, most employees are hesitant to providefeedback. During the process of reengineering application of procedures inChicago, constantly encourage the staff to play back their understanding ofverbal communication to begin the task of building an effective OCS. This willinitiate a process of developing information exchange, shared experiences,and tacit knowledge. In fact, even after procedures have beeninstitutionalized, practicing of effective communication skills involvesthe constant soliciting of feedback in order to capitalize on opportunitiesfor improvement of procedures, which may lead to increased efficiency,higher productivity, and improved customer satisfaction.