Problems teenagers face today

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It is an old cliché now that the teenage years are the most trying ones for both the teenager and the parents. The transition from childhood to adulthood is fraught with physical, emotional, mental and psychological changes. Teenage problems are now compounded by the challenges facing society today. The life experiences encountered between the ages of 12 and 20, burgeoning emotional and sexual feelings; physiological development of secondary sexual characteristics; entry into the order of society through individual and group affiliations, leave a lasting impression. Some of the difficulties facing teenagers have to do with drugs, (its availability and effects on development), threat and high incidence of HIV and AIDS, violence and gang-related violence and depression. These have deep effects on the physical, emotional and cognitive Continue...

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Some studies report 5 a""12 of 8th a""12th graders usingecstasy. Although statistics show that fewer teenagers are smoking marijuana andthat their attitudes and perceptions are more positive, the use of the drugecstasy and the "club drugs" associated with rave parties is still too highamongst teenagers. Some of the reasons forjoining a gang may include needing to belong, searching for recognition andpower, lack of self-worth and status, or a need for physical safety andprotection. impulsivity, learning difficulties, lowIQ, or fearlessness intersect with the environment to make the situationworse. Adepressed adolescent may be disruptive, show academic difficulties, havepoor concentration, show changes in sleep and eating patterns, haveproblems with peer relationships, be irritable, have stomach-aches andheadaches. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention reports that by12th grade approximately 75 of the students have had sexual intercourse,with less than half using condoms. These are only a few of the problems teenagers face today, and they do needthe support of adults if they are to transition smoothly into the adultworld of work and raising family etc. Depression in teenagers should be properly addressed since theeffects can last long into adulthood and the risk of suicide increases. There are both short- and long-term effects especially ofschool-related violence. Gangs appear to operate in all states and in both suburbia andinner cities. Teenagers generally expressed greater concern about becoming infected thanadults.


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and it is important to read the labels of today's drinks because many Teenaged children: The main problems teenagers face are drugs, alcohol, tobacco, and sex (1132 5 )

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and it is important to read the labels of today's drinks because many Teenaged children: The main problems teenagers face are drugs, alcohol, tobacco, and sex (1132 5 )

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