Training Programs for Employees TQM

             Deming believed that quality was an ongoing process. He further believed
             that quality had to be constantly evaluated with reference to both internal
             and external environments affecting an organization. Deming believed that
             management of organizations should move away from short-term thinking and
             rather concentrate their effort on long-term thinking. (DeVor et al.,
             1992) Creating a constancy of purpose towards improvement, strategy
             planning based on long-term goals of the organization can help enlighten
             the management to problems that they face. Deming believed that everyone
             in the organization should be involved in constantly improving the quality
             and value of the product not just the management. The quality improvement
             should not be "a fad" that the management tries to impose on the worker
             rather management should tray and integrates the quality principle in the
             minds of all workers. Workers can be given an overview of how the
             management attempts to perform the changes and the need to implement the
             changes. Communication is very important during this stage of the process.
             Training Setup: Tire manufacturing is the core business of the company.
             Training programs will be used to help workers understand and evaluate the
             core business and the role they play in maintaining the dynamics of this
             core business. The training course will provide a flow chart to all
             workers for their departments and business segments to help them better
             understand the business-structure. A design flow diagram of this new
             structure will be provided (adequately annotated) for every participating
             employee. The course will offer both the employees and the management an
             opportunity to evaluate any differences or misunderstandings.
             Organizational learning and understanding the power bases for future
             success o...

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