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Deming believed that quality was an ongoing process. He further believed that quality had to be constantly evaluated with reference to both internal and external environments affecting an organization. Deming believed that management of organizations should move away from short-term thinking and rather concentrate their effort on long-term thinking. (DeVor et al., 1992) Creating a constancy of purpose towards improvement, strategy planning based on long-term goals of the organization can help enlighten the management to problems that they face. Deming believed that everyone in the organization should be involved in constantly improving the quality and value of the product not just the management. The quality improvement should not be "a fad" that the management tries to impose on the worker rather management should tray and integrates the quality principle in the minds of all workers. Workers can be given an overview of how the management attempts to perform the changes and the need to implement the changes. Communication is very important during this stage of the process. Training Setup: Tire manufacturing is the core business of the company. Continue...

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Providing more than one type of training tools for TQM forthe worker can help the worker identify the best one needed for his or heruse. Knowledge management is especially gainingimportance due to the fact that many midlevel management jobs have becomeredundant; consequently, the lower level worker is being made moreaccountable. If the management tries to excessively mandate training withouthaving clear opportunities and benefits for the worker the purpose may bedefeated. a" Introductions, refreshments and creating four groups of four individuals each a" Formal discussion of the organization's quality structure and changes in recent times a" The company's quality performance review and areas identified for improvement a" SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) analysis of the organization a" Evaluation of possible methods for improvement and time management for employees a" Strategy, planning and scheduling training and using of the IT systems within Goodyear a" Specialized training based on department and nature of work performed by the worker a" Defining and discussing the limits and expectations of the worker empowerment program needed for TQM a" A good and reliable filing and retrieving systems for information and data that may be required in the future is important New employee training is also important. Workers being trained within the organization for TQM also impact thetype of training that can be provided. Training programs formulated without considering finalbenefits may be expensive and not generate the intended results for theworker. Organizational learning and understanding the power bases for futuresuccess of the company is very important. There is an understanding in Goodyear that a worker can be trained forthe task within the organization even if the worker does possess the skillset required the only criteria is that the worker needs to be sufficientlymotivated to learn the tasks being taught. The employees will have tounderstand the importance of multiple skill development and the need tounderstand the impact of a decision on other aspects of the business. Breaking down major process into componentsthat can be easily explained and understood is important in a trainingsession. Any issuesthat the worker might have experienced during the implementations of thenew ideas or procedures could be discussed at this stage. (Lewis, 2003) For example, a worker who deals with an externalsupplier might have different methods of gauging the quality of productreceived when compared to an individual within the organization whoreceives material from another department upstream. After the process has run for some time, theworkers involved may notice areas where the workflow and processes are notworking as planned. This saves the company excessive training time if the workers areprovided with this information ahead of time and the training sessionaddresses these topics but does not devote an entire section to it. Often, when training material does not addressthe relevant issues faced by the organization, the training process may beviewed as a management gimmick.


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be committed to the TQM process. In small organizations, getting all employees to be can be accomplished through internal communications and training programs. (2084 8 )

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