Exploitation of Women in the Media

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INTRODUCTION Media portrayal of men and woman can have a tremendous impact on cultural and gender ideals in society. Gender tensions are often created by exploitative media portrayals of men and/or women in stereotypical roles. Far more often than men, women are exploited by media moguls in order to promote the sale of goods and services, and to create desire and interest in objects completely unrelated to gender. The media has created and supported the idea that "sex sells." When it comes to provocative images of youth and beauty, women far surpass men in media portrayals. Research suggests that women are also portrayed more often than not in subservient or minor roles rather than important ones. Unbelievable even with reference to serious subject matters, women are often portrayed in skimpy outfits and in high gloss images in manners completely unrelated to the particular service or product being offered. The media has propagated and supported the exploitation of women consistently over time. The extent and the effects of such portrayal are explored in greater detail below. SYNOPSIS/OVERVIEW Grodzki (2003) points out that visual images of women on television and on magazine covers have tremendous influ Continue...

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The exploitation and portrayal of women as sexual objects and stereotypically fulfilling non essential roles is prevalent worldwide. Men are more predominately portrayed in roles of varying ages. At least this is the message that the media would have people believe. The media has consistently exploited the image of young and beautiful women, and used this image to indirectly send the message that women are meant to be "seen and not heard. When it comes to serious, non sexual related issues, the Global Media Monitoring Project, an investigation of news coverage, showed that women were the primary subject in news reports and media events on radio, television and newspapers "just 17 percent of the time" whereas men's visibility was as great as 83 (Hermano Turley, 2001:1). An analysis of women's roles in daytime and prime time programming shows that women generally were depicted as holding positions that "were of lower authoritative power than those of men" (Brain, et. 8 Characters Male to Female Ratio 1. Women are not depicted nearly in the same manner as men when it comes to sports. A study conducted by Kaufman (1999) examined the portrayal of men in commercials aired during football, daytime and prime time media broadcasts. Men however, portrayed in professional roles and images were more often married, suggesting that once women wed their professional careers were over. CONCLUSION Many researchers (Connell, 1987; England, 1992; Roos, 1990) acknowledge the influence inequalities in media images and stereotypical gender images have on people, and the power and sexual politics involved in gender stereotyping. Women's success in beauty pageants and in weight reducing scenarios were most commonly highlighted. Interestingly, men are almost never shown caring for girls. This is changing in more contemporary times, but minimally at best.


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