Power and Politics in Organizations: How Politics Affects Power

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The upcoming presidential election has provided ample evidence of how politics affects powers in a variety of organizations, and not simply the organizations of the nation directly related to the business of governance. If political power solely determined what occurred behind the closed doors of governing institutions, than the leaders of world corporate organizations would care little whom was at the nation's helm. However, to take only one recent example, the power of the Food and Drug Administration to create Continue...

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Also, the power of schools to raise extra funds for after hours programs can be limited by political pressure, such as the recent controversy over giving Snapple an exclusive contract for vending machines being used in the New York City school system. The FDA has banned of certain substances, such as alcohol and cigarettes, from being targeted at children. The FDA can even affect consumer's daily frames of attention and reference, given the ubiquity of food and product advertising. a series of recommended daily allowances of what Americans should eat, to determine what products should contain warning labels as hazardous to one's health, and to select what foods to suggest and subsidize as part of federally funded nutritional programs such as school lunches and food stamps, all affect the power of multinational food corporations to dominate the marketplace. Even McDonald's cannot falsely advertise. Thus, no matter how powerful an organization may be in terms of its marketing power, and the strength of its organizational head, it still must combat the realities of political pressures. Even Martha Stewart was subject to the SEC. Many in the industry, though powerful in determining the marketing of their specific products, fear pressure for the government to prohibit advertising in the future, against soft drinks and sugary cereals during children's programming, as well as to vending machines behind banned from school hallways. Even the most powerful organization and CEO cannot ignore the political pressures and powers of the government of the land where it dwells.


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