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Human Resources are essential to any enterprise because it allows for training and development of employees. According to an article found in the Journal of Business Management, human resources are essential to maintaining the competitive advantage. The article also explains, "human resources (defined as the total pool of human capital under the control of the firm) have the highest probability (among all resources) of being the source of sustained competitive advantage for the firm. This is because human resources are more likely than other resources to be inimitable and non-substitutable, as well as being valuable and rare (Wright, McMahan & McWilliams, 1994)." (Fleet et al 2001) Indeed, human resources are vital to the success of any firm. Accounting Systems Accounting Continue...

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systems are also essential to the operation of e-business. The early applications were originally termed "expert systems" because they were intended to approach problem solving and analysis in a similar manner, and with similar results, as that of human experts. Accounting systems allow e-businesses to keep track of the financial aspects of business. The benefits of having such a system include great efficiency and cost effectiveness. (Foltin and Smith 1994) Warehousing Many enterprises utilize data warehousing to keep track of various aspects of business. According to an article entitled "Data Warehousing without the warehouse" explains that a data warehouse is a sophisticated version of a database. The article explains, "Enterprise resource planning systems (ERPs) offer a comprehensive solution to an organization's systems needs. (OSullivan 1996) A warehouse is essential to an enterprise because it allows them to maintain records in a way that is easily acceptable and cost effective. The article explains, "Expert systems are a revolutionary approach to integrating computers into the management decision-making process. However, the individuals that operate accounting systems must be adequately trained and have the schooling that is required to manage accounting systems. One of the most popular uses for data warehousing is to track consumers and their spending patterns. An article found in the CPA Journal explains that this software was once called expert systems. The advent of new software has made the accounting process very simple for most enterprises. " (Yi 2002) ERP system have been utilized by the government and enterprises of various sizes.


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